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TECNOSEAL’s ANTIFOULING SYSTEM is designed specifically for the specs of the seawater plumbing to be preserved and can be installed either in the boat’s sea chests or in the strainers.


Why you need Antifouling

Accumulation of animal and plant micro and macro organisms - otherwise known as biofouling - on the internal surfaces of strainers, pipes, intakes, valves (in general, everything in contact with seawater), leads to obstructions which, by reducing the lumen  of the pipes, may modify the seawater system performance or even lead to the sudden failure of very complex equipment.

ICAF / MGPS Systems

TECNOSEAL ANTIFOULING SYSTEMS  (called ICAF Impressed Current Antifouling Systems, also known as MGPS, Marine Growth Prevention System) are specifically designed in relation to  the seawater circuit  features to be preserved and can be installed in the sea chests, in the strainers  (structural or after-market) and directly on the pipe bundles.

Fundamental parts of an ANTIFOULING SYSTEM

  • POWER SUPPLY equipped with a TOUCH-SCREEN monitor control panel
  • One or more electrodes of various types
  • Filter / sea chest / structural case / piping


When in operation, the system dissolves a copper electrode whose ions create a protective film on any metal surface they are carried onto by the water flow.

In dual systems, an additional electrode made in aluminum or steel increases the efficiency of the copper electrode and provides also a protective effect against galvanic currents.

TECNOSEAL offers an extensive range of electrodes and anchoring devices specifically built for all strainer sizes and types.


tipi di elettrodi di rame impiegabili in un sistema ICAF posizionamento del filtro con elettrodo nel circuito acqua-mare


posizionamento elettrodo in filtro Guidi con coperchio in policarbonato Most of the filters can be equipped with an inspectable cover in polycarbonate and for this type of cover Tecnoseal manufactures special supports for installing the electrode.


installazione sistema antifouling con display touchscreen


  • 24VDC power supply.
  • Power supply box dimensions.
  • 7‘’ touch screen display for setting
    all parameters and controlling the system.
  • The power supply panel can feed from 1
    to 32 electrodes.
  • Each single electrode can be enabled and disabled individually.
  • The system reports comprehensive information on the current being supplied
    to each electrode, circuit voltage and electrical resistance.
  • All the information displayed on the control panel can be reported on the vessel monitoring system via NMEA®2000 communication protocol (TECNOSEAL is NMEA®2000 MEMBER / NMEA®2000 MANUFACTURER).
  • The electrochemical potential monitoring system can be integrated into the power supply panel of the ICAF system.


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