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Production of Sacrificial Anodes

The design and production of sacrificial anodes are entirely carried out in the TECNOSEAL plants in Italy.

The selection of raw materials and accessory components is carried out exclusively through certified producers, and each stage, from the delivery of materials to the shipment of final products, is carefully managed and controlled directly by a dedicated internal department.

Main departments:

  • Design and engineering
  • Component moulding
  • Warehousing, packaging and shipping
  • Gravity or die casting mould construction
  • Product Finishing Department
  • Laboratory testing with mass spectrometer

Each TECNOSEAL anode is designed, engineered and manufactured in accordance with the specified chemical composition of the US military reference standard.

Job-specific cathodic protection systems are also developed and manufactured at the Tecnoseal facility.

The evaluation is always carried out taking into account the individual requirements and type of problem.


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Production of sacrificial anodes in the leisure boat market, fishing, naval, port, industrial, and civil sectors.
Consultancy, Design, and installation of cathodic protection systems.
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