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A valid procedure to fight fouling and proliferation of micro and macro marine fouling inside a seawater circuit is electrochlorination. 
Electrochlorination is the process by which chlorine is produced through the direct current supply of activated titanium plates installed into an electrolytic cell  where the seawater flows.
The chlorine generated by electrolysis inside specific cells is continuously distributed along the desired seawater circuit sections and diluted according to the project’s need, ensuring the correct diffusion of the active agent.


Tecnoseal has developed versatile and innovative electrolytic cells that, thanks to various technical features, are suitable both for the installation of new chlorination systems and for the replacement of existing systems.
Besides the electrolytic cell equipped with activated titanium plates, Tecnoseal manufactures and sells all the parts, tools and accessories part of an electro-chlorination system, except for the power supply.
Tecnoseal does not supply electrical panels, nor  their  installation, ordinary or extraordinary maintenance.


A fundamental feature of Tecnoseals electrolytic cells is their electrical insulation, which ensures optimal system operation and puts operators in safety
Besides the classic insulator stubs made of dielectric material installed at the inlet and outlet, Tecnoseal has developed an insulation system of the anchoring screws through which the cell is completely isolated from the panel connected to the hull that is generally fixed to the bulkhead.
Our electrolytic cells are versatile thanks to the fixing brackets with oval holes that allow installation at variable distances from the panel. This allows us to replace easily these elements on pre-existing chlorination systems, by adapting our system to any dimensional specs, without sacrificing electrical insulation and with minimum actions on other parts of the tube circuit.
On varying of the general dimensions and flow rates of the systems, the quantity of chlorine to be diluted in the circuit varies as well. To satisfy any request, Tecnoseal produces three types of cells, with different numbers of activated titanium plates depending on the different flow rates and capacitive features of the circuit. The overall dimensions of the cells change as shown in the chart that you can find in gallery.



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