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Do you want to monitor your hull’s protection status and any other metallic parts that are subject to corrosion?


The new system born from cooperation between TECNOSEAL and NAVIOP allows you to monitor the electrochemical status of the submerged parts of your boat.


  • monitoring of electrochemical potentials by TECNOSEAL probes;
  • system status alarms on electrochemical frames;
  • management of the maintenance schedule.

If the voltage on a probe is higher than the maximum allowed level or lower than the minimum allowed level, an alarm will operate.



The cathodic protection monitoring system includes the new NAVIOP GENIUS display incorporating the latest design in panels, with high performance and vanguard features. These include a wide glass display with high luminosity, LED backlight, vector graphics capacity and an excellent contrast.


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Consultancy, Design, and installation of cathodic protection systems.