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  • The monitoring system of the electrochemical potentials for the verification of the conditions of cathodic protection can be integrated inside the antifouling power supply panel.
  • The reference probes (1 or 2) measure the electrochemical potentials and transfer the information to the control panel.
  • The system makes it possible to constantly monitor the electrochemical potentials of the hull and appendages, in order to prevent any damage that could also be caused by unforeseen interactions with elements of the surrounding environment and wandering currents and voltages.
  • All the information displayed on the control panel can be reported in the vessel monitoring system via NMEA®2000 communication protocol (TECNOSEAL is NMEA®2000 MEMBER / NMEA®2000 MANUFACTURER).
  • The system can manage up to 48 monitor points.
display tipico del sistema di monitoraggio dei potenziali elettrochimici

The MONITORING SYSTEM is an instrument designed to constantly monitor the electrochemical potentials and therefore the state of protection against galvanic currents of  the hull, the submerged metal parts and the sea water circuit.
It is important to monitor the electrochemical potentials to verify that sacrificial anodes (or other cathodic protection systems) on hull and appendages are providing the necessary protection against galvanic corrosion.

Besides controlling the electrochemical potentials of the boat as an isolated system, the MONITORING SYSTEM is also an essential tool for assessing the interactions between the boat and the infrastructures around it under various environmental conditions. 

The components of the MONITORING SYSTEM developed by TECNOSEAL are:

  • POWER SUPPLY equipped with TOUCH-SCREEN monitor control panel.
  • One or two monitoring probes (Depending on the design features it is possible to identify also the positions and the type of hull probes installation).
  • From 1 to 6 measuring points.

The power supply for the MONITORING SYSTEM is the same used for ANTIFOULING SYSTEM. Both systems may co-exist within the same power supply unit.

This solution has been designed to simultaneously host both ANTIFOULING SYSTEM and MONITORING SYSTEM upon Customer's request, allowing to save space as well as optimizing different functions in a single device.

The system is designed to monitor up to six characteristic points of the boat and enables to display in real time the electrochemical potential values on the 7'' MONITOR as well as the graph of time trends of the measured values.
In the event of situations of under protection or over protection, MONITORING SYSTEM will simultaneously alert the users of the boat and the Tecnoseal technical department through an alert.

The color TOUCH-SCREEN monitor enables to set the system and to display all electrochemical parameters of the boat in order to evaluate the cathodic protection conditions and the state of protection against galvanic currents.

As in the ANTIFOULING SYSTEM, all settings and controls of the MONITORING SYSTEM can also be managed through an application directly from the CONTROL PANEL and remotely from Tecnoseal technicians.

The electrical panel is powered by the boat 24 Volt DC.


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