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The PORTABLE PROTECT TEST is an essential instrument for measuring the electrochemical potentials of any metal body submerged or semi-submerged in water (salt, brackish, fresh).

This instrument allows you to rapidly perform the following measurements:

  • Measurements of electrochemical potentials of metal hulls and of metal appendages on them installed.
  • Measurements of electrochemical potentials of metal appendages installed on hulls made of composite materials, carbon, glass resin and others.
  • Measurements of electrochemical potentials of metal parts constituting docks, sheet piles and any other submerged or semi-submerged metal structure.
  • Checks of the effective operation of the cathodic protection systems installed on the structure where the measurements are being performed.
  • Identification of any structures without or lacking in cathodic protection and therefore at risk of corrosion.

PORTABLE PROTECT TEST is composed of the following parts:

  • Certified multimeter.
  • Portable Ag/AgCl probe with a 15- meter long cable.

The accurate and periodic measurement of electrochemical potentials is important to be sure that sacrificial anodes (or other cathodic protection systems) installed on hulls, appendages or other structures provide the necessary protection against aggressive galvanic currents and any potential corrosion caused by them.

Tecnoseal Technical Department is available for any analysis and evaluation of the data collected during the measurement of potentials , also offering the customer its expertise and skills in carrying out studies and 
Defining  solutions aimed at the planning of cathodic protection systems or at  the increment and improve of the already existing systems.


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Consultancy, Design, and installation of cathodic protection systems.