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TECNOSEAL's MONITORING LITE system has been specifically designed to constantly monitor the level of cathodic protection of different submerged metal components installed on hulls.
This new product has been developed considering the necessity of preserving and monitoring the cathodic protection level of the small and medium-sized metal parts installed on hulls mainly made of fiberglass or carbon (hulls where the installation of a monitoring system is not usually foreseen).

However, this does not exclude the possibility of using MONITORING LITE to directly measure the electrochemical potential of the hull, when operating on small boats with metal hulls.

This system stands out for the simplicity of installation both on new boats and as an after-market component, because once the probe installed and the necessary connections made, it will interface directly with the PLOTTER of the boat in the CONTROL PANEL.
The Tecnoseal MONITORING LITE system is adaptable to the main types of plotters on the market. 

MONITORING LITE developed by TECNOSEAL is composed  of:

  • One single monitoring probe ( On the basis of the project specifications, Tecnoseal will individuate the typology and the positioning of the probe).
  • From 1 to 3 measuring points.

The system can monitor up to THREE specific points of the boat and displays in real time the electro-chemical potentials as well as the graph of the temporal  trends of the measured values. These data are simultaneously displayed on the PLOTTER in the CONTROL PANEL and REMOTELY to the Tecnoseal technical department.

In case of under protection or over protection, MONITORING LITE in real time alerts boat users and REMOTELY Tecnoseal technical department through an alert. 

Besides directly monitoring the hull , MONITORING LITE can also be installed on:

• Tenderlift
• Swim platforms and other retractable facilities
• Various propulsion lines types
• Outboard Engines
• Sterndrive Engines
• Inboard Engines
• Bow / Stern thruster
• Different types of pod
• Stabilizer fins and similar appendages
• Steering Helms
• Strainers / boxes of the sea water circuit
• Sea water intake and discharge
• Tube bundle of the seawater circuit
• Other elements belonging to the seawater circuit
• Equipotential bonding bar
• Anchor boxes / anchor windlass


The electrical panel is powered by  the boat‘s 24 volt.


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