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kits of sacrificial anodes for marine engines, we finally deal with that which is the most famous and used marine engine brand in the industry. Today we talk about the kits for Volvo Penta DPH/DPR Drives!

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The Volvo Penta is founded in 1868 in Skövde, Sweden by the Engineer John G Grönvall as Gjuteriet. In 1907 he began working with the Stockholm-based company Fritz Egnell with which he produced a 3-cylinder single-cylinder engine. This, initially named B1, will change its name to Penta because at the presentation of the first drawings there was a group of only 5 people. Precisely in reference to this engine, in 1916, when Egnell took over the company, it changed its name to AB Pentaverke starting to produce engines dedicated above all to marine applications. In 1935 it join the Volvo Group and then become an independent subsidiary in 1982 under the current name of Volvo Penta.

The Volvo Penta is therefore one of the historic companies in the nautical sector. It has a huge international relevance, underlined by a vast assistance network composed of more than 4000 distributors all over the world. The company specializes above all in the nautical sector where supplies engines for leisure boats, work boats, electronic units and industrial applications. Its range includes diesel and petrol inboard and sterndrive engines. Two of the most important innovations in the world of the nautical industry have been marketed precisely by Volvo Penta, that is the sterndrive (which was invented by a Mercury Marine engineer in 1948, but marketed in 1959 by Volvo Penta first) and the double counter-rotating propellers.


The sacrificial anodes kit we are talking about today has been designed specifically for the Volvo Penta DPH/DPR sterndrive engines. These are transmission systems composed of a Volvo Penta inboard engine, a powertrim assistant, which at all speed automatically provides the optimum engine position, and a Duoprop propeller. The latter are two propellers arranged in continuity that rotate in opposite directions, a solution that Volvo Penta adapted to the nautical sector in 1982 taking inspiration from the aeronautics (where systems of this type were already widely used). These systems are in fact more efficient of the 6-16% compared to normal single-propeller systems, especially if they are installed on medium-large boats.

The special Tecnoseal Kit is actually very simple and contains only two products in addition to the necessary screws for their installation. The first is the anode that must be positioned on the stern bar (Cod.Tec.00735) while the second is placed on the sterndrive itself (Cod.Tec.00733) and is visible in most product photos. An important note to make is that if you want to use the kit for a Volvo Penta DPR Drives engine, the anode for the sterndrive is slightly different and should be replaced with a similar one (Cod.Tec.00733-1).


As already mentioned, the Tecnoseal Kit already contains the necessary screws and is perfect for the maintenance of your sterndrive engine. The individual products are still available individually in the catalog in the appropriate sections. Both the individual products and the kits are also available in all three anodic alloys, aluminum, zinc and magnesium, to meet the great popularity of the Volvo Penta brand. As always, if you have doubts about which is the best solution for your boat or how to install the anodes, we strongly recommend asking for assistance from an expert in the sector.

For more specific details you can refer to pages 293, 294 and 299 of our catalog.

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