Starts tomorrow, the Taiwan International Boat Show 2018 (TIBS), a biennial trade show which, although it has only reached its third edition, has already achieved considerable importance all over the globe. The event will take place from March 15th to 18th in the Kaohsiung Exhibition Center and in the Horizon City Marina, under the shadow of the imposing and prestigious Sky Tower Hotel.

On the other hand, the 2017 reports are clear: Taiwan is the fifth exporter of yachts with a maximum length of 6,196 inches and the largest yacht manufacturer in the entire Asian continent. Despite this huge industrial support, however, the local population has only recently opened up for leisure boating. In fact, until 2012 this was completely prohibited due to the geo-political situation with China and only in 2014 was abolished a heavy tax on all the leisure boats. Following these changes, we are expecting a huge expansion in the next few years on the part of the local market and the TIBS 2018 aims at educating, through a series of exhibitions and targeted events, the Taiwanese population to the culture of yacht.

With the purpose of highlighting local production, TIBS is obviously backed by all the major yacht manufacturers in the area: from Horizon to ALEXANDER, through NOVA MARINE, DYNA CRAFT, CADCAM MARINE, AMAL YACHTING and PRINCESS YACHTS. Particular relevance is given above all to KHA SING, a historic Taiwanese company, which will not only present its latest product, Monte Fino 76 Fly, on the occasion of TIBS, but will also inaugurate Pier 22, designed to serve the domestic market with 30 berths suitable for yachts up to 50 meters long. The same attention is also given to local producers of components and accessories for boats and yachts such as ATECH COMPOSITES, MARINE MART, ANEWPOW, MARINEER, CAPITAL MACHINERY, HIMAN TECH DIESEL and MARINE CENTER ASIA.

However, the local market is not the only interest of the producers who will participate in the TIBS, who are also very interested in Europe. Given the recovering economy and the historic love of the old continent for yachts, the Taiwanese see ample space for further development in the years to come. Precisely for this Tecnoseal will participate IN PERSON both with its own products and with its experts so as to effectively represent the Italian passion and prestige in the biggest Asian event for leisure boating.

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