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The new ICCP BOOSTER system by TECNOSEAL is designed to protect steel hulls from galvanic corrosion.

The peculiarity of this system consists in the fact that sacrificial anodes and impressed current system coexist on the same hull.

This type of system consists of a power supply panel controlled by PLC, 2 activated titanium anodes, 2 reference electrodes on the hull and sacrificial anodes.

Quantity of activated titanium anodes, reference electrodes and sacrificial anodes vary according to the size and characteristics of the hull.



  1. Power supply panel
  2. Secondary monitoring system
  3. Shaft grounding device
  4. Activated titanium anodes
  5. Reference electrodes


The ICCP Booster system comes into action by delivering a direct current to the hull via the titanium anodes only when the primary monitoring system indicates that the sacrificial anodes are no longer imposing protection values against galvanic currents.

Therefore, once the sacrificial anodes due to their natural consumption, will no longer have sufficient mass to impose the right electrochemical potential, the titanium anodes of the ICCP BOOSTER system will bring the metal to a protective electrochemical potential.

The Tecnoseal system stands out from the competition because it adopts a second monitoring system completely independent from the monitoring of the ICCP.

Installing an additional and independent monitoring system guarantees measurements of the electrochemical potentials purged of any type of interaction with the impressed current system and this represents a useful tool for comparison and analysis of the boat’s cathodic protection conditions.




Touch screen



1 x Power supply input 220 V AC

2 x Output anodes power supply

2 x input reference probes connection

Power supply

220 V AC


1500 mm x 800 mm x 500 mm


180 Kg



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