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It is with great satisfaction that Tecnoseal is happy to announce the arrival of the new Portable Protect Test. A completely renewed product, starting from the same case that contains it, and improved in its convenience of use, following the impressions and suggestions given over time by the customers who had used it. The result is a Made In Italy product of high quality, the result of the experience gained by Tecnoseal in the boating sector. Let's find out what's new.




Within the standard version of the Portable Protect Test you can find three specific components. Without going into too much detail, these are: a digital multimeter, the wires necessary for its connection and a reference probe in Silver/Silver Chloride. On paper then the content is equal to the old Protect Test, but in reality the differences already start from the multimeter which is in possession of a LAT calibration certificate issued by Aro SRL.

The purpose of the calibration is to verify the accuracy (error) of a measuring instrument, ie the difference between the value read by the instrument and the known value of the sample taken as reference. It is different from the adjustment because the latter has the purpose to make the instrument more accurate while the first allows to define the metrological characteristics of an instrument. In Italy the calibration certification is issued by the LAT centers (Accredited Calibration Laboratory) which, since 2010, is subject to the only Italian accreditation body ACCREDIA.




Even the case that contains the Protect Test has been completely changed to make it more faithful to the word portable and to meet the needs of customers who buy it. The dimensions have been reduced considerably, as well as the transport comfort and the amount and shape of the foam rubber inside. This is cut to size for the components and avoid any kind of movement or impact. In addition, the foam can be removed to make the suitcase even more versatile.

Lastly, Tecnoseal has decided to take into account the opinions of its customers who, using the briefcase on board the boats, were often afraid of dropping the delicate precision instruments into the water. This will no longer be a big risk since the new case is completely waterproof. Of course, you'll have to be careful to handle it once opened (and you'll have to take a dive off in any case to recover it), but it is a concern in less that we have decided to remove you.




To celebrate the arrival of the new portable protect test we have therefore decided to dedicate to it the topics of the articles of this week. In the next days we will talk in depth both of the product itself, of its use and a whole series of details that will allow you to better understand its value.

Because quality does not have to be a compromise, but the added value of a product created to better serve its buyers.


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