Anode Kit for Yanmar Saildrive
We continue to talk about the numerous sacrificial anode kits for protecting the marine engines of boats. After seeing a very recent product (Anode of the Week 56) and a very popular one (Anode of the Week 57), today we are dealing with a very special product: the anode kit for Yanmar Saildrive.

Before starting, however, I remind you that if you look for a list of all the articles released up to now, you can find it in this convenient index.


Like the Yamaha, which we talked about last week, Yanmar is also a Japanese company, founded in Osaka in 1912. Its name derives from the name of a typical Japanese dragonfly (Oniyanma) joined to one of the particles of the surname of its founder Magokichi Yamaoka. The company immediately specialized in diesel engines, from tractors to mini-excavators, and in 1933 built the first compact diesel engine in the world. In Italy, where it is distributed by Cartello SRL, is famous above all in the nautical sector for its outboards, sterndrives and, of course, for the saildrive (all strictly Diesel).

The transmission systems of the Saildrive type were introduced by Volvo Penta in 1959 and have now become a permanent presence on racing and cruising boats. This is due to the fact that their particular Z-conformation makes them simpler to install, more efficient and more manoeuvrable compared to the classic transmissions in shaft line, since they have a simple outer drive leg perpendicular to the hull which does not disperse the vertical advancement force of the boat.


t is not the first time that we talk about divisible collars for saildrive, we had already done so in the Anode of the Week 05 where we had dealt with the model of the Volvo Penta brand (those who, moreover, invented the saildrive). What is written on that occasion is true, but it must obviously be adapted to the current speech. The collar used is in fact COMPLETELY different while working in the same way and having the same advantages.

Normally, in fact, to install a collar for saildrive (Cod.Tec.01305) the entire transmission system should be dismantled with a considerable expenditure of time. The choice of a divisible collar (Cod.Tec.01305/1) makes the whole process much simpler, since only the consumed sacrificial anode can be unscrewed directly. To install the divisible model, however, it is necessary to install, ONLY THE FIRST TIME, also the appropriate plate adapters (Cod.Tec.PLAC-1) which reduce the quantity and adjust the position of the holes for the screws required for the operation. For subsequent maintenance, only the divisible collar can be installed directly.


The Anode Kit for Yanmar saildrive is available both in the version for the first installation (which also includes the plate adapters) and in that for the subsequent installations (with only the collar plus the screws). As for the anodes kit of the past week, also the one for the Yanmar saildrive, due to its popularity, is available in all three anodic alloys (aluminum, zinc and magnesium ). Individual pieces can also be ordered separately by searching for the appropriate codes in the Tecnoseal catalog.

For more specific details you can refer to pages 338 and 339 of our catalog.

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