Anode Kit for Yamaha 4T 40-60 HP
We continue our journey through the vast category of sacrificial anode kits designed to protect the marine engines of boats. The random draw for today's Anode of the Week has finally "awarded" one of the most popular kits ever, the one for the Yamaha 4T 40-60 HP Outboard.

Before starting, however, I remind you that if you look for a list of all the articles released up to now, you can find it in this convenient index.


The Yamaha Motor Company Ltd. probably needs no introduction. It all began in 1887 when the Nippon Gakki Co. Ltd. (now known as Yamaha Corporation) was founded, a Japanese company specializing in musical instruments (hence their logo, that is three crossed tuning forks). With the growth of its success, Yamaha also expanded into other territories and in 1955, at the decision of the then president Genichi Kawakami, the division dedicated to vehicles separated from the main company (although this is still today the majority shareholder).

The company produces a vast assortment of vehicles of all kinds, but it is mainly in the nautical and motorcycles markets that has achieved the greatest successes. As for the former, Yamaha is the world leader in the sale of marine vehicles and outboard engines. This enormous success is due precisely to its range of 4-stroke engines that are reputed to be simple to install and use, but still very satisfactory in terms of performance. Furthermore, having between 40 and 60 HP, they do not need a nautical license for be used within 6 miles of the coast. Obviously the nautical catalog of the company is much more wide than that (you can see it yourself here), but no other product has yet reached the popularity of 4T 40-60 hp.


The success of the 40-60 horsepower range of the Yamaha 4T outboard engines is therefore given by the fact that good performance is combined with a certain versatility and ease of use. Many individuals, when choosing the engine for their small boat or for the inflatable one, are directed towards this choice. Being outboard engines, they obviously need to be protected against galvanic corrosion and have regular maintenance of sacrificial anodes. From this need was born the kit we are talking about today that, like the engines themselves, is very versatile and easy to use (inside it already contains everything you need).

To be part of the kit are therefore: 3 small plates (Cod.Tec.01123), a lower unit anode with custom hole (Cod.Tec.01132) and a Yamaha trim tab anode ( Cod.Tec.01141 ). All three are very versatile products that, actually, on their own, can be effectively installed on other types of engines too (both of the same brand and of other brands). However, before performing a rash and risky installation, which may not produce the desired effects, but damage the boat, it is always advisable to seek the advice of an expert in the sector.


Inside the Tecnoseal catalog you can find both the details of today's kit and those of the individual sacrificial anodes that are part of it. In the technical sheets of the latter are also reported any marine engines for which use is recommended. Given the popularity of Yamaha outboards, they are widely used in both salt and fresh water. No wonder, then, that this kit is directly available in all three alloys (aluminum, zinc and magnesium).

For more specific details you can refer to pages 312, 315, 318 and 333 of our catalog.

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