Anode Kit for Evinrude E-TEC G2
Last week we concluded the list of sacrificial anode which are installed on hull and transom (at least for now) and it is therefore time to move on to a new "topic". With today's Anode of the Week we will start talking about the anodes that are installed on marine engines, whether these are outboard, inboard or sterndrive.

Before starting, however, I remind you that if you look for a list of all the articles released up to now, you can find it in this convenient index.


The group of anodes intended to protect marine engines is vast. Their number far exceeds that of anodes for hulls or propellers. To tell the truth we have already mentioned the topic not long ago, when we talked about the engine anode kits (Anode of the Week 45). However, this time we intend to tackle this vast field of products in greater depth and, to do so, we will randomly choose each week, from now until August, an engine brand and a specific kit for it. The first extract is therefore the Kit of Anodes for Evinrude E-TEC G2.

Evinrude is a brand that is part of the large family BRP (Bombardier Recreational Products), a Canadian company specialized in various types of vehicles that has, indeed, also a division active in the nautical sector. This includes, for example, the Sea-Doo water jet engines that we discussed in the Anode of the Week 17. The Evinrude outboard engines were among the first to be marketed and still remain very popular. Legend has it that the founder of the brand, Olé Evinrude, got the idea for his first engine while rowing towards the shore of Lake Okauchee to get an ice cream for his girlfriend. You can read his entire history here.


Marrying the concepts of tradition and innovation, Evinrude engines stand out from the competition because the company has decided to continue to technologically develop a range of two-stroke outboard engines, so as to maintain the advantages typical of these marine engines (acceleration and reliability), but without sacrificing the characteristics of modern engines. The E-TEC G2 series, for which the kit we are talking about today is intended, is the maximum realization of what has just been said. They present an advanced electronic system that allows to have a perfect control of the direct injection management of the fuel/oil mixture. The result translates into much more balanced consumption and a very low level of emissions, to the point that the E-TEC G2 series is listed as the cleanest in the world.

It is obvious that such an outboard motor, which has a sophisticated electronic system inside, needs to be protected against galvanic currents. In such a technological product, a minimum error can weigh a lot. The anode kit for E-TEC G2 contains everything you need to perform your engine maintenance and be able to navigate in peace. Inside the Kit we find four different sacrificial anodes: the anode for power trim support Cod.Tec. 00918, the nut anode Cod.Tec. 00939, the block anode Cod.Tec 00938 and the gearcase anode Cod.Tec. 00940. In any case, if you are not practical, we always recommend having the replacement performed by expert staff, so as to avoid problems and damage to your boat.


The four sacrificial anodes that are part of the kit can also be purchased individually and can be found under the appropriate code in the Tecnoseal catalog. Both the pre-packaged kits and the individual sacrificial anodes are available in all three alloys, aluminum, zinc and magnesium, so as not to limit the waters that your boat can "ride" using this excellent engine outboard.

For more specific details you can refer to pages 207, 213, 214 and 216 of our catalog.

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