Tecnoseal Report - Versilia Yachting Rendezvous 2019

Sunday 12 May 2019 ended what is, on balance, one of the two main Made In Italy boat shows: the Versilia Yachting Rendezvous. Given the relevance and the fact that it took place in Tuscany, Tecnoseal participated personally in the event together with Guidi SRL. Let's find out how it went!

The photos accompanying this article were personally taken during the event.


There are few doubts about which was the real protagonist of this long weekend. Despite the constant bad weather (a real misfortune), the few times the sun came out to illuminate the Port of Viareggio, this immediately showed all its splendor. The vision of the two docks, populated by numerous boats, was perfectly capable of leaving even the most skeptical visitor with his mouth open. And if the Darsena Italia was perhaps a little "sacrificed," monopolized as it was by the yachts of the Azimut Benetti Group (which on the other hand has its main shipyard there) and from the amazing Atlantis 45 (here in its world debut), the Darsena Europa fully showed all the potential of one of the most beautiful locations in Italy.

As soon as you entered the Darsena Europa you could not be breathless in front of the sailing yachts of Perini Navi which, for the occasion, had deployed some of its most impressive models (...is a Rose and Morning Glory on all). In addition to Perini Navi also Lusben had, as usual, opened one of its docks to the public and the rest of the Port was divided between many Made In Italy brands (among which I would like to point out Sanlorenzo and Baglietto). But, strangely, above all there were many medium-sized boats, supported by the presence of the new area dedicated to Luxury Tender and RIBs, and there were some of an impressive beauty, like the Cranchi E26 Classic, the Nerea Yacht NY24, the Franchini Yacht Mia 6.3 and the Solaris Power 55 (first motor yacht produced from this brand that until now had turned exclusively to sailing).


But if luxury and beauty were the first things that struck the visitor's eye, the Versilia Yachting Rendezvous undertook to emphasize two concepts that recently characterized the Made In Italy boating sector like a mantra: innovation and environment. The first term was concretized above all by the presence of two breathtaking boats, arranged next to each other: the sea drone Sand, an autonomous boat capable of carrying out without crew many missions such as rescue at sea or the protection of water from pollution (maybe we will talk about it better in the future), and the sail catamaran Elianto, built according to new technical and sustainable solutions to have the least possible impact on the marine environment and, at the same time, give disabled people the opportunity to live their passion for the sea.

That the environmental protection and eco-sustainability of the boating were themes at the center of the sector, was also demonstrated by the many conferences and projects dedicated to the topic. It was difficult to visit a company or a shipyard without feeling that "something" was underway to improve the conditions of the marine environment. This is certainly a positive sign as it shows how Made In Italy has become aware of the situation and is ready to intervene. Attention to such a problem is never enough. Among the many initiatives, I point out: the Isolem project, which will allow to deploy the fishermen of Viareggio in the collection/disposal of marine waste, and the PROT-ONE Project, which aims to improve the performance and durability of electric motors as an eco-compatible choice (we will talk about this better in the future).


Even the joint stand of Guidi srl and Tecnoseal was dedicated to the theme of marine pollution (precisely the microplastic pollution). This resembled from the outside a kind of aquarium, but, once past the blue curtains at the entrance, there was a kind of seabed inhabited by creatures both hand-drawn and made with the same plastic that pollutes our waters. Everything was supported by a campaign promoted by Guidi srl together with 4ocean: Message in a Bottle. The many customers who visited the stand received a reusable stainless steel bottle in exchange for a small symbolic gesture, a message to put in a bottle. But we will talk about all this in the Save Our Ocean of tomorrow.

Tecnoseal had also set up its products in a kind of coral conformation, decorating each of the branches with one of the novelties that characterized this beginning of 2019. If therefore the sacrificial anodes were the masters of all the conformation (on the other hand they are the bones of the company itself), at the highest points the new Portable Protect Test, the innovative Tecnofouling/ICAF System and, above all, the revolutionary MY boat QR code shone.


Concluding the speech, it was not a very lucky weekend from the point of view of the weather that has certainly affected an event that in other conditions could have given much more, as shown in the few moments when the rain and the cold gave truce to exhibitors and visitors. Despite this, the Versilia Yachting Rendezvous has nevertheless succeeded in keeping its name and increasing its reputation as a Made In Italy boat show of the highest level, thanks to the many innovations introduced and exposed as well as to the topics addressed.

Pending the fourth edition, which will take place in a year, the upcoming events that will directly involve Tecnoseal become much more spaced and distant from each other. Moreover, the summer season is approaching. Before it, however, there is time to visit the UK market during the Seawork International (10-13 June) and then return to Italy and prepare for the 2019 edition of the International Boat Show of Genoa (September 19-24). Of both events (and of our participation in them) we will talk in detail in the future so continue to follow us so as not to miss the opportunity to meet us in person!

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