Tecnoseal at the 2019 Singapore Yacht Show

Among the "new" events to which Tecnoseal will participate this year, there is also the ninth edition of the Singapore Yacht Show, one of the main boat shows for the Asian continent and certainly the most important in the emerging market of the Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN ). In today's article we discover together this event which will take place from 11 to 14 April 2019 in the ONE°15 Marina of Sentosa Cove.


The Show and The Venue

The first edition of the Singapore Yacht Show was held in 2011, but over the course of almost ten years the event has been able to impose itself as a significant point of reference for the Asian market succeeding in attracting some of the main brands, both in the nautical and luxury sector. The Singapore Yacht Show does not stand as a "simple" boat show, but aims to represent the lifestyle "at sea" at 360°, giving space to everything around it: from those who own (or would like to own) a yacht to enthusiasts who want to learn more on how this world works. At this link you can find a video presentation of the Singapore Yacht Show.

For nine years, the home of the Singapore Yacht Show has been the ONE°15 Marina. This is a port located in the south-eastern part of the Island of Sentosa, close to everything the event needs: from a luxury hotel directly on the sea to a luxurious spa, passing through a fitness center and many other high-class facilities. Sentosa Cove perfectly represents the concepts of luxury and sea that are the cornerstone of the event and, with its collection of dining areas and breathtaking views, is the perfect background for it.


The Sectors of the Fair

The Singapore Yacht Show covers an area of ​​over 10,000 square meters for four days dedicated to entertainment, socialization and a wide range of exhibitions, both for new participants and for experienced visitors. Subdivided between an in water area and various pavilions, the Singapore Yacht Show is aimed at both companies/customers and families who want to pass a nice day out. The same organization of the event offers an Immersive Tour at 360° in this page.

The topics covered in the various sectors, through very dense programming, range widely, from the huge marina, capable of exhibiting more than 100 yachts, to the conference hall via the Floating Leisure Hub, a space dedicated to watertoys and demonstrations at sea, and the east and west pavilions, dedicated to boating products and accessories. The Singapore Yacht Show however, as already mentioned, is not only a boat show and there is also space for expensive racing cars (Esplanade) and luxurious accessories (in the Lifestyle Pavilion). If you can't spend a fortune, the Retail Village (located on the Quayside Island) is definitely for you.


The 10 Reasons To Visit

It is the same organization of the Singapore Yacht Show that provides us with ten good reasons to visit the event. We summarize them below, but you can find the original article here.

  • 1: The huge amount of exposed yachts (almost 90 different brands) and the many previews planned. Among these are some Made In Italy shipyards, including Sanlorenzo, Ferretti Group and Azimut Yachts, among others.
  • 2: The many demonstrations of toys and gadgets for yachts. They range from the classic Flyboard and Waydoo to the incredible Volocopter 2X.
  • 3: The luxurious Wednesday night gala, but above all the 15th Asia Boating Awards that will take place during that evening.
  • 4: The vast range of accessories and products on display. From the world of luxury to the essential accessories for any boat.
  • 5: The possibility of participating in the Elephant Parade and the painting competition Let's Paint a Brighter Future, whose revenues will be donated to numerous conservation projects for elephant welfare.
  • 6: A flood of live entertainment events of all kinds reserved for families and friends.
  • 7: The incredible display of supercars and luxury cars. Particularly noteworthy is the showcase dedicated to the Cullivan SUV, a product of the collaboration between Sanlorenzo and Rolls-Royce.
  • 8: Party! Lots of parties! There is an event scheduled almost every night.
  • 9: The chance to explore Singapore and discover its charm, both night and day.
  • 10: The epochal Weekend Party to End All Parties. A party that will close the event and is open to anyone who owns the Singapore Yacht Show ticket.


Tecnoseal and the Made In Italy Collective

Do you want an eleventh reason to come to the Singapore Yacht Show? We of Tecnoseal give it to you. If you visit the event, you will be able to meet IN PERSON our experts and technicians to touch our products and ask us any questions you want about the world of cathodic protection in marine environment. Do you want more? Well, you've to know that we will not be alone! In fact we will participate together with a collective of Made In Italy companies, organized and managed by ICE agenzia and Ucina Confindustria Nautica, with the aim of raising the flag of our country, a symbol of quality in the boating sector.

In fact, according to ISTAT data, in 2017 Italian exports of leisure and sport boats to Singapore amounted to 25.283 billion euros, with an impressive leap (176.7%) compared to the previous year. The imports of the same year were practically nil. The result is a largely positive balance for Italy for which Singapore represents a rich market of interest. To make matters better, the inhabitants of the area seem to have fallen in love with the Italian lifestyle and they prefer it to many other products, laying the foundations for a promising event from the point of view of economic and financial relations.

So we give you an appointment on 11-14 April 2019, you will find us at the booth C17-A, and we leave you with a video of the 2018 edition of the event (here).

What else to add then? Don't miss this opportunity and come visit us!

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