2019 Dubai International Boat Show

Among the many new emerging markets of the last few years regarding the nautical sector, one of the most interesting is certainly that of the Middle East. It should not surprise anyone then to discover that the Dubai International Boat Show, the central boating event in the area, is gaining more and more importance globally from year to year. Discover the 2019 edition together with Tecnoseal!


The Dubai International Boat Show is the largest and most renowned boat show of the Middle East, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). The event covers numerous fields of boating and is aimed at a wide range of public, from those interested in buying and renting large yachts to simple families who share a passion for water activities.
As you can see from the large map above (you can click on it to see the extended version on the official website), most of the fair is arranged outside with a single large enclosed structure divided into three separate categories. A large slice of the outdoor space is occupied by the exposure in-water of the many yachts that will reach the fair from all over the world. There are plenty of spaces for dining, an area for conferences, one for business meetings and a stage dedicated to shows open to all.


For the luxurious market in the Middle East, superyachts represent a unique attraction and a whole part of the outer marina is reserved for them. Here the latest products from some of the most prestigious shipyards in the world will be exhibited, such as the Dutch Feadship and Oceanco, but also the Italians Baglietto, Benetti, CRN, Lürssen and Sanlorenzo. To them the task of bringing up the standard of the qualitative superiority of the Made In Italy boats.
As for the internal exhibition space, this, as mentioned, will be divided into three sectors. The first dedicated to luxury as a lifestyle, the second to the accessories, equipment and services of which every self-respecting boat needs and the third, lastly, to the Dive MENA EXPO, the only event in the Middle East dedicated to the world of divers.


The organization of the Dubai International Boat Show is also promoting two areas of the fair compared to the others. The first is the UAE pavilion. The reasons behind this choice are obvious: to offer a global showcase to the local nautical industry. This is mainly composed of small or medium-sized companies, but, like the rest of the market, it is in strong and constant growth.
The other area that is placed in the spotlight is the Rad Zone. This is a platform to show some of the most innovative and creative products of recent months. The main attraction here will be the exhibition of the now famous flying boat Foiler, but there will be no lack of technological products of all kinds: from drones to submarines, through amphibious vehicles, tenders and other aquatic toys.


And talking about aquatic toys, there will be plenty of areas dedicated to sailing, fishing and water sports. As regards the latter, there are many competitions and exhibitions in an area of ​​the fair specifically designed to carry out this task. Undoubtedly this will be the area of ​​DIBS most frequented by families for its high rate of spectacularity.
Lastly, for those who love luxury in all its forms, not just in the nautical one, the fair also reserves a large exhibition of Super Car with brands ranging from Bentley to McLaren. There will also be no lack of clothing, jewelry and themed accessories of any kind that will be on sale in the Retail Village.


We have already seen that the Made In Italy will be present in DIBS, but what we have not said is that we will also be Tecnoseal. No, unfortunately not in person, but our products will be available at the E-280 stand, thanks to Exalto Emirates, our official distributors. Do not miss this opportunity to see for yourself the excellent quality of our sacrificial anodes.
While waiting, you can find a video presentation of the DIBS at this link. We are expecting you from February 26th to March 2nd in the heart of the Jumeirah residential area of ​​Dubai!
Come and visit us!

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