Tecnoseal Report - Metstrade 2018

Last week ended the 31st edition of the Metstrade , the most important event in the world regarding accessories, materials and systems for the international nautical sector. We at Tecnoseal were present and we are ready to share with you our thoughts on this unmissable event.
That the Metstrade 2018 was a success, the official numbers tell us. 26,052 visitors, an increase of 5% compared to 2017, for three days full of activities, business and discussions. It is no coincidence that for the 2019 edition already 1100 exhibitors have reconfirmed their presence.


The Metstrade 2018 was characterized by a strong presence of Italian companies and associations. To be precise, 76 were those that were part of the Italian collective organized by UCINA Confindustria Nautica and by ICE Agenzia. Between Italian Pavilion and Superyacht Pavilion, the spaces reserved for Made In Italy amounted to more than 1600 square meters. A huge area, superior to that of any other national pavilion.
This presence has received a great response from the public present. Through the words of the representatives of the foreign commercial sector of Tecnoseal: "Italy in the sector of nautical accessories, as in that of boats, is the lion's share. The Italian pavilion has always been crowded to demonstrate that, despite everything, the quality, care and competitiveness of our products can make the difference." Words that are also reflected in the statements of other participating companies (you can find them here).

2018 DAME Awards winners

Great (and right) emphasis has been given to the 2018 DAME Awards, prizes reserved for innovative products in the marine accessories sector. The members of Tecnoseal present were impressed by the care with which both the award itself and the presentation of candidates at the fair were organized. A choice that has contributed to give even greater shine and prestige to a prize that is, without a shadow of a doubt, the most influential in the world in the category.
Many were the special mentions for Made In Italy companies, but in the end, to triumph, were the fifteen years of research in energy efficiency brought forward by the English Triskel Marine Ltd. Integrel is the first fully integrated generator replacement system and promises to have a significant impact on the market. You can find the full list of winners here.

2018 Boat Builders Awards winners

Different speech for the 2018 Boat Builder Awards, the prizes reserved for companies that deal with the construction of boats (from shipyards to design studios, passing through all the intermediate points). In front of 330 guests, 15 winners and 12 special sizes were announced. Of these, four ended up in the hands of Made In Italy companies (Absolute Yachts, Amer Yachts, Ferretti Group and Francesco Paszkowski Design Studio). You can find the complete list here.
Above all, the Solution Between a Superyacht Builder and its Supply Chain Partner category has been dominated by Italy with not only the double prize at Ferretti and Francesco Paszkowski, but also with the special mention of the work of Benetti Yachts with Naiad. Also noteworthy is the excellent result of the United Kingdom with Princess Yachts (and its animated marketing campaign) and Williams Jet Tenders. The evening ended with the delivery of the Lifetime Achievement to Annette Roux for the 50 years of leadership of the Beneteau Group.

the Tecnoseal stand

But let's go back to talking about the actual event by taking up the statements of the foreign commercial sector of Tecnoseal. These have found that the Mets never disappoint expectations, with a large participation of both exhibitors and visitors, as well as operators in the sector, from all over the world. The representatives of Tecnoseal were busy all three days of the fair in which they met, in addition to all their network of distributors, also interesting new potential customers. It was also noted how the market of cathodic protection in the marine environment is undergoing a big change. Aluminum is increasingly the most used and important element instead of the traditional zinc which is slowly losing relevance due to the presence of cadmium in the alloy.
A common criticism of the Metstrade is to be found in its short duration. It is a shared opinion that adding another day of the fair would allow to distribute, on four days, the meetings with customers, very tight at certain times. This year, in particular, none of us had time to visit the other pavilions properly, not being able to move away, if not for a few minutes, from our stand, besieged like never before, even on the last day.


Therefore, the Metstrade 2018 did not only confirm expectations, but also amply exceeded them. An event that is increasingly at the center of the attention of the nautical sector, even though it is exclusively dedicated to a group of products that are decidedly less "impressive" than the large boats that are handled in the world's boat shows. If you have not been able to attend and want to take a look at this year's edition, the fair has a very active dedicated youtube channel. You can find it here.
The next appointment is scheduled for 19-21 November 2019. Tecnoseal will be there ... AND YOU?

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