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Because of the proximity to the Boat Show of Genoa we have not had the opportunity to talk about it promptly, but yesterday another important event for the global nautical sector began: the 28th IBEX Trade Show.
The IBEX (International Boatbuilders' Exhibition and Conference) is the largest North American event related to marine industry and takes place in Tampa, Florida, over a period of about three days (in reality, some activities start earlier), from October 2 to 4. Its importance is given by the fact that North America covers the largest share of the global nautical market and that the event itself is not limited to paying attention to boats (which are actually left a bit in the background), but extends on any professional figure is linked to this world (maintenance experts, designers, construction sites, mechanics, accessory companies, etc).


The event itself is nothing short of huge. It is set up for the most part within the Tampa Convention Center, but also extends outside to the nearby Tampa Bay. The entire fair is divided into five areas, each with its own dynamic map. You can find everything here.
As mentioned, the focus on boats is much lower than many past shows that we talked about (only 35 on display and all of a very small size), but as for the exhibitors, the numbers are certainly massive. More than 700 participating companies from 21 different countries, often divided by thematic pavilions. These include four international pavilions (Italy and France on the first floor and Australia and Korea on the second), a pavilion dedicated to electronics and another HUGE one dedicated to composite materials (both on the second floor).

Ibex 04

Since the IBEX is a trade show mainly dedicated to professionals, it is not surprising that the internal calendar is full of events and conferences. You can find the complete list here. They are so many to the point that some of these are organized the day before the opening (the Special Sessions). Yesterday the Innovation Awards 2018 were also awarded (you can find the press release of the winners here).
Today, however, the usual IBEX Product Pitches is expected, a series of live presentations where each product is given a 2-minute opportunity with an additional 1 minute for any questions. All with a massive coverage from the media present. This is accompanied by many recurring events including: the in-water exhibition, the many thematic pavilions we have already discussed, the Designer Row (an entire area dedicated to design) and the Innovation Way (dedicated to the innovations of 2018 and to the winners of the 2017 awards).

Ibex 03

If you have been careful about what yI wrote, you will not have missed that Italy participates in the IBEX with an entire pavilion! This was made possible by the Special Plan for the promotion of the Made In Italy promoted for the year 2018/2019 by UCINA Confindustria Italiana in collaboration with ICE Agency and with the Ministry of Economic Development.
The plan will also see a significant presence at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show later this month, at METS Trade in November and at Boot in January 2019. Returning to the IBEX, the companies representing the Made In Italy inside the pavilion are: Besenzoni, F.lli Razeto & Casareto, Gianneschi Pumps and Blowers and Idromar International.

Tecnoseal USA

And Tecnoseal? Obviously it is present, but outside the pavilion promoted by UCINA. Why? Because in reality Tecnoseal, despite being a company with 100% Italian production, has anticipated for many years the current plan of international promotion of Made In Italy, understanding the importance and relevance of an extensive and influential market such as that of North America.
This is why ten years ago it was founded, in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Tecnoseal Marine Anodes USA, a satellite company of Tecnoseal that deals with managing the needs of the vast local market directly from the territory. Do not be fooled, however, the Tecnoseal anodes for the American market are still completely produced in the foundry located in Tuscany. The results of such a choice were not long in coming and the success of the Tecnoseal brand in North America has been growing rapidly.

Tecnoseal Ibex 01 mod

You will find us until tomorrow 4 October on the second floor of the IBEX, at Booth 1122 located in the corridor opposite the Composites Pavilion. Inside our stand you will find not only our local representatives, but also our Italian experts who have traveled to North America for the occasion.
What are you waiting for? Do not miss this opportunity! Come and visit us!

Save Your Dreams

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