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The terms luxury yacht, superyacht and megayacht refer to a family of very expensive, privately owned yachts with a professional crew on board.
There is no real industrial difference between superyachts and megayachts while the only legal distinction existing is that with normal yachts. In some countries, in fact, boats longer than 24 meters (79 feet) must have a permanent crew on board. Any yacht whose length exceeds this size is therefore considered a member of this family. The addition of the M/Y code identifies luxury motor yachts, but there are also many sailing models.

The term luxury yacht was started in the early 20th century when wealthy individuals financed the production of large private yachts for pure personal pleasure. Among these undoubtedly stood the Jemima F. III by Charles Henry Fletcher who with his 111 feet was the largest motor yacht in the world in 1908.
Other examples of early superyachts were those crafted by Cox & King, by Charles L. Seabury and Company (which included the Jemima F. III), the M/Y Christina O and the M/Y Savarona while for the sailing models the Endeavour and the Shamrock are to be pointed out..

As mentioned above, superyachts are all privately owned and are often used exclusively by their owners. However, there are many models that operate on hire, both year-round and part-time. The weekly cost of renting a luxury yacht can range from tens of thousands to over one million dollars/euro. Furthermore food, fuel and mooring are counted as extra expenses.

In recent years it has been proposed over and over again to raise the minimum length needed to enter the superyachts category at 45/50 meters (148/164 feet) due to the presence of numerous yachts over 100 feet.
Currently, although there is no universal shared and official definition, usually we tend to define luxury yachts all the yachts over 24 meters, superyachts those exceeding 50 meters and megayachts hose exceeding 65 meters (213 feet).
The ships of the latter category are certainly the most impressive and "rare." They are built only on a direct commission of someone and can cost several tens of millions of dollars/euro. Most are recognizable from the outside due to the presence of a helicopter landing pad.

However, there is no real maximum limit for a yacht and recently there has also been talk of gigayacht.This term refers to boats whose length exceeds 91 meters (300 feet). Again, however, it is more a circumstantial term rather than a true definition.
Superyacht, megayacht and gigayacht are basic words that could indicate the same thing. The number of yachts that fall into this family is slowly but steady growing today. Currently the largest yacht in the world is the Azzam with its length of 180 meters (590 feet).

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